The Centre hosted a high-level governmental delegation from the Republic of the Congo

On Thursday, 11 September, the Turin Centre welcomed Mr Serge Zoniaba, Minister of Technical and Vocational Education, Skills Training and Employment of the Republic of the Congo, accompanied by Mr Auxence Léonard Okombi, general director of skills training and employment and technical advisor to the chairman of the African Association of Public Employment Services and the Minister of Labour.

The delegation met the Centre’s technical departments responsible for employment, vocational training and entrepreneurship to discuss the possibility of collaboration on the following issues:


  • economic (re)deployment in a post-conflict country and in a context of “non-petrol-non-timber” diversification;
  • youth employment;
  • skills development and access to work;
  • formalization of the informal economy;
  • “labour/ (large) enterprises” relationship: apprenticeship and subcontracting.


With the assistance of the ILO, Congo is at the stage of approving its national employment policy (NEP), which makes employment the absolute priority in the country’s economic policy, involving a range of macroeconomic and sectoral policies that promote high labour-intensive (HLI) investments. Among other measures, the NEP should increase job opportunities for the young, especially for those in the informal sector, help to create microenterprises through an innovative financing system and encourage private initiatives by improving the commercial environment.


To support the country in this effort, the ILO, through its office in Kinshasa, covering the Republic of the Congo as well, will implement and negotiate a range of technical cooperation projects on medical insurance, green jobs and youth employment, HLI and social welfare through universal medical insurance, fields in which the Turin Centre has solid expertise and can make a significant contribution.

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