The City of Turin supports the initiative of the Turin Centre on labour migration issues

On 4th July 2011, the Mayor of Turin, Mr Piero Fassino, opened the first “Labour Migration Academy” on the ITC-ILO campus.

The Mayor of Turin said that “The number of international migrants confirms that, more and more, coexistence with migration requires new approaches which enable all of us to manage in a more effective way the new challenges and opportunities of migration that are constantly evolving.”

He also expressed his gratitude for the choice of Turin as the host city for a high level event on such a strategic topic as international labour migration.

The Mayor underlined that the new “migrants in Turin belong to different parts of the population and not all of them are necessarily experiencing situations of social exclusion”. He referred to the 2008 City of Turin project called “A pieno titolo” (“With full rights”), a support service addressed to foreign citizens for the recognition in Italy of their qualifications and skills obtained abroad.

Mr. Fassino indicated that, unlike the rest of Italy, the number of foreign students enrolled in Turin Universities is constantly increasing and it quadrupled over the last 4 years.

The Executive Director for Social Protection of the ILO, Mr Assane Diop, pointed out that "in 2010, 214 million people left their country of origin in search of employment, welfare and social security. A phenomenon of this magnitude cannot be governed at the level of individual countries; it requires policies coordinated by the international community".

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