EU-MIA Project Research Findings

Following the Academy that took place in February 2014 at the Centre, in partnership with COMPAS and FIERI, at a 7 May seminar in Brussels, the EU-MIA project will present its concrete results alongside stakeholders in the project.

The event will be a catalyst to promote and encourage innovative city-to-city cooperation at European level.

Officials from local institutions and practitioners, researchers and representatives of associations and NGOs dealing with local integration will attend the seminar, whose specific objectives are:

  • To present EU-MIA’s outcomes and the conclusions of the field study conducted by project experts and stakeholders (10 ‘functioning practices’)
  • To present and distribute the EU-MIA informative toolbox that has been developed to boost the dissemination of innovative practices.
  • To share experiences through the testimony of participants and the presentation of innovative project proposals they designed during the EU-MIA Academy.
  • To exchange views and reflect, through a discussion panel, on innovative city-to-city cooperation on local integration.

The seminar will take place at the offices of the Committee of Regions. To consult the seminar agenda and the project, please visit www.eu-mia.eu/news-items/seminar.

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