The Future of Data for Decent Work

An interactive learning event on big data and its potential uses.

On 27 September 2017, in parallel to G7 Innovation Week in Turin, the Centre is hosting a  Shifting Mindsets session on “Big Data and the Future of Work” on campus.

This Shifting Mindsets session is aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of big data and its possible uses in the world of work.

Big data has the ability to drive innovation and transform work in an increasingly digitalized economy and networked society. For the world of work, it can improve and augment labour markets, skills, and occupational analysis and outcomes by providing near real-time labour market data tracking, monitoring, evaluation, and labour forecasting and modelling, with great potential for data privacy and quality challenges.

This learning event will showcase the use of big data to inform labour policy by promoting data-driven innovations for the creation of decent work and inclusive economic growth, while overcoming pitfalls along the way.

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