The Gender Academy in its second week

An intensive mix of 10 master classes and 19 elective workshops are being held in parallel sessions from 21 November at the Turin Centre campus.

Topics already covered and in the pipeline include:

  • ILO gender equality mainstreaming: process and substance.
  • Time Use Surveys
  • Engendering National Planning and Budgeting
  • ILO Domestic Workers Convention
  • Knowledge sharing fair on gender
  • Maternity Protection: formulas for advancing MDGs
  • Reconciling work and family
  • Gender and Social Dialogue
  • Gender equality information campaigns: moving it further
  • Global economic crisis, gender and employment


A video entitled “Maternity Protection at work” specially produced by the Italian “Scuola Nazionale Cinema di Animazione” of Chieri for the Centre and available on our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sseFuogmP0k.

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