The ITC-ILO facilitates the development of an entrepreneurship culture through education in Costa Rica

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica have both shown interest in "Know About Business” (KAB), an ILO entrepreneurship education programme.

The KAB Programme promotes entrepreneurial culture in the national curriculum, thereby encouraging the development of an entrepreneurial spirit in young people. Its flexible approach suits levels ranging from secondary education to technical-professional and even higher education.

Two ITC-ILO officials recently visited Costa Rica to formalize its implementation there.

KAB will be taught in vocational-technical schools in Costa Rica. The ILO will participate directly by training teachers, or more indirectly by preparing national teacher-trainers.

Costa Rica will be the first country to use the new updated version of KAB.

KAB has already been translated into 22 languages, while its methodology has been taken up in nearly 50 countries, and it is used in national curricula in 17 countries around the world.

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