The ITCILO Gender Academy and “Women at work” issues

The 2017 Gender Academy is taking place on Campus from 13 to 24 November 2017.

The ITCILO Gender Academy is the leading global event at which gender-equality advocates come together to learn and discuss gender equality, decent work and sustainable development. Its intensive programme of plenary sessions and thematic elective workshops revolves around the main “Women at Work” issues:


  • discrimination ─ including stereotypes ─ that undermine access to decent work;
  • low pay and the struggle to achieve equal pay;
  • lack of recognition, unequal distribution and undervaluation of care work;
  • violence and harassment at work.


In 2019, the ILO will celebrate its centenary. After 100 years, the task of ensuring decent jobs and social justice remains crucial. The ILO Women at Work Centenary Initiative aims to understand why progress on achieving decent work for women has been so slow, and determine what still needs to be done to secure a better future for women at work.


Capacity building, technical assistance to specialized equality bodies and public awareness campaigns are all important in changing attitudes and social norms, and getting a better deal for women in the workplace.


The aim of the ITCILO Women at Work Supporting Initiative, launched for the Academy, is to disseminate knowledge on these thematic issues and demonstrate the Centre’s capacity to design and delivery training and learning activities on women-at-work issues worldwide, implemented in close coordination with the Headquarters units and field offices concerned.

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