The ITCILO leverages mobile technology to create seamless learning experiences

Using mobile devices for learning is a logical extension of life in this tech-centric world. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) potentially enable all people to access knowledge, regardless of where they live and work.

Whenever the need arises, we can learn. Modern learning is not limited to one location, nor need it following a strict schedule. However, some constraints, such as digital literacy, data security and poor infrastructure, are still a fact of life.

A customized mobile-learning experience should be able to address these challenges. Mobile learning provides “just-in-time, just-enough and just-for-me” experiences. Learners are therefore free to move around and to decide what and how to learn, depending on their circumstances. This is far more than simply engaging in distance learning on a mobile device.

By offering learners flexible solutions, mobile learning can boost engagement and knowledge retention.  Building upon internal expertise and partnerships with internationally recognized institutions such as the Open University of the Netherlands, a course entitled Mobile and Seamless Learning will be available from 17 September to 12 October 2018, leveraging the ITCILO’s portfolio of mobile learning projects.

By the end of the Mobile and Seamless Learning course, participants will:

  • Have a global overview of the history of mobile-learning research and development;
  • Understand how various learning contexts can be connected and integrated, enabling a continuous learning experience (seamless learning);
  • Be aware of the existing gaps between different learning settings;
  • Understand the challenge of learning transfer between different contexts, and
  • Be able to conceptualize a mobile-learning intervention, identifying barriers to the learning experience, describing the effects expected from the intervention, identifying the technology required, and knowing how to measure its impact.

For more information and to register, visit https://www.itcilo.org/en/areas-of-expertise/learning-methodologies-and-technologies/seamless-learning-design-new


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