The Learning Lab

The transformation in the way human beings interact, relate and learn is accelerating. What needs are emerging? What opportunities are available? How should a training institution strengthen its work in this new context? A three-day Learning Lab, attended by 32 ITC-ILO staff members, took place on campus to reflect, challenge and push the boundaries of their training practice. In an environment designed to foster collaboration and innovation, staff had the opportunity to explore new thinking, new tools and new developments.

By looking at learning from different perspectives – learning and the brain, dealing with diversity, the role of the environment, intuitive learning, and learning as a social process - they experimented with different designs and learning options. The training days were designed around sharing and learning from each others’ knowledge, practices, and challenges.

According to Robin Poppe, Chief of the Learning and Communication Service: “By bringing together staff members from different training units as well as other services which play an essential role in providing support to course participants, the Learning Lab aimed at strengthening the competencies of the Centre’s staff in the design and implementation of fully learner-centred training events. Printed articles, visual aids and tri-dimensional objects facilitated a multi-sensorial approach to learning and helped everyone to work towards the conception of a shared “Turin Learning Approach”.

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