The residential phase of the Master in Industrial and Employment Relations has started in Turin

The Master’s Programme is designed to provide a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills for those with a professional interest in industrial and employment relations. In addition, participants will be exposed to international and comparative industrial and employment relations systems with a view to better understanding the implications for current industrial relations systems and practices.

In Turin, professors, practitioners and other resource persons will use lectures, case studies, case-law judgments, excerpts from collective agreements and legislation, discussions, group work and practical exercises to strike a balance between theory and practice and to stimulate interaction with the international group of 25 participants.

What are the anticipated outcomes of this Master’s Programme?

Participants will be able to apply the lessons they have learnt to devise effective industrial and employment relations strategies and outcomes. In addition they will be able to represent governments, employers or workers in the negotiation of collective agreements and other situations, at both the enterprise and national levels, and in labour dispute mechanisms.

International Training Centre of the ILO

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