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This year the Centre recorded nearly 700 student visits to our campus, representing 28 classes across 15 schools

The visits are organized as part of the “Crescere in città” (Growing up in town) project or upon ad-hoc request and aim to increase students’ interest in global issues and introduce them to international organizations.

The “Crescere in città” project invites secondary school students in Turin to visit our campus as part of the “Discovering the UN Campus” initiative, stemming from an agreement between the City of Turin and the Centre.

Over the years, the programme has been adapted to the needs of schools based on both the experience acquired and educational input from schoolteachers.

During the visits, students tour the single UN campus (facilities shared by the Centre, the UNICRI, the UNSSC, the UNESCO Centre and the SIOI) and are given presentations on the ILO, the UN and on the Centre’s work to promote social justice and sustainable development.

Since 2007, when the collaboration with Italian schools began, more than 4,300 students have visited the campus.


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