Sustainable Tourism and Local Development

The course Sustainable Tourism and Local Development was held on the Aguas de São Pedro university campus in the state of São Paolo, Brazil, from 14 to 19 April, with the collaboration of SENAC São Paolo. The programme examined the key elements that enable tourism to become an instrument for development and the reduction of poverty (fundamental concepts in the local tourism sector), the segments of cultural tourism and nature tourism, and the instruments for territorial planning needed to articulate tourism as a local development strategy.

To complement the classroom sessions, the SENAC coordinated visits to various cities in the region (Aguas de São Pedro, Piracicaba, and Brotas) where tourism development initiatives have been implemented that have prioritized the local natural resources with respect for environmental and social sustainability

The Centre has included the theme of sustainable tourism in its training offer on local development, with a focus on tourism as an instrument to promote economic growth in communities and simultaneously protect the environment, while reinforcing local identity and culture. This activity was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the National Commercial Apprenticeship Service (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje Comercial, SENAC São Paolo), which has extensive experience working in this sphere and is currently in charge of the Tourism Regionalization and Development Project (Proyecto de Regionalización y Desarrollo del Turismo) in the municipalities of the tourism regions of the state of São Paolo.

The course brought together participants from various Latin American countries, as well as one participant from Angola, meaning that the exchange of experiences of sustainable tourism practices on a local level in different locations formed a central theme of the process.

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