Two courses, an optimum result

Recognizing the need to support countries in strengthening their statistical systems to monitor progress towards decent work, the Turin Centre has joined forces with the ILO Department of Statistics to offer a new capacity-building programme on labour statistics. The programme aims to produce labour market statistics, including decent work indicators, and to improve overall labour market information and analysis (LMIA) systems.

The programme is composed of two activities:

  • “Designing labour force surveys and modules for household surveys to measure decent work”, from 16 to 20 April. This activity will enhance the capacity of participants to design labour force surveys by becoming acquainted with the main stages of their development and implementation;

  • “Analysing survey data to monitor both labour market conditions and progress towards decent work”, from 23 to 27 April. This activity will help participants to analyse the data collected, by developing the skills to calculate selected decent work indicators and monitor labour market conditions for distinct population groups, topics or areas.


For additional information on these activities, please download the flyer.

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