Uzbekistan has stopped the systematic use of child labour and has taken measures to end forced labour

Uzbekistan has stopped the systematic use of child labour and has taken comprehensive measures to end the use of forced labour in the cotton harvest.

This was the conclusion of a round table held on 30th November, attended by representatives of the Uzbek government, employers and trade unions, as well as development partners, diplomatic representatives, the ILO and the World Bank.


The round table was held to review the findings of an independent team of ILO experts, which for the first time included a member of the teaching faculty of the International Training Centre of the ILO.


The team of ILO experts conducted 3,000 unaccompanied interviews with cotton-pickers and other actors involved in the harvest, such as local authority officials and educational and medical personnel. The interviews were held across the country in September and October of this year.


In the weeks leading up to the harvest, the ILO experts also organized training for some 6,300 people directly involved in the recruitment of cotton-pickers.


The picture which emerged at the conclusion of this year’s monitoring was of a cotton harvest free of the systematic use of child labour, with the vast majority of cotton-pickers engaged voluntarily in the annual harvest.


For further information on how the ILO is helping to end forced labour in Uzbekistan: https://iloblog.org/2017/09/27/how-the-ilo-is-helping-to-end-forced-labour-in-uzbekistans-cotton-industry/



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