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A new activity on “Management of Training Institutions” is taking place at the ITC-ILO from 5 to 15 July 2010. It will bring together policy and planning staff from ministries, representatives of workers' and employers' organizations dealing with vocational training, and directors and managers of vocational training centres.

Vocational training systems strive to meet labour market needs for skills, and to improve productivity and competitiveness in all sectors where human resources are critical for the integration of skills development into national employment and development strategies. These systems must be flexible enough to handle new socio-economic conditions and structural changes, no matter the cause, be it climate change, globalization, demographic trends, technological progress or financial crisis.

Training institutions are crucial to proper, relevant VET, and they are affected by change as well. However, top staff at colleges do not always have the necessary managerial and educational skills to run a vocational education and training institution.

The seminar aims to build managerial and entrepreneurial capacities in staff of VET institutions, and to show them best international practice.  At the end of the training, participants will be:

  • better able to reorganize college set-ups and workflows (cognitive dimension);
  • more committed to further institutional development of colleges (affective dimension);
  • better able to design and run appropriate services and training for external clients (psychomotor dimension).

This will help make their own training institutions more dynamic and better placed to adapt well to new developments.

Training will follow the "Turin Learning Approach": a flexible, learner-centred approach to meeting job-related needs of participants.

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