We have reached 700!!!!

The very ambitious goal of 700 students coming from Turin schools to visit the International Training Centre of the ILO was hit last month!

Following the recommendation of the representative of the City of Turin at the Board of the Centre, it was decided to open the Centre to Turin schools, to boost cooperation between the Centre and the city, and the Centre’s recognition at local level.

This started in 2007, targeting secondary school students (about 13 years old).  Since then, the Centre has hosted about two classes twice a month, eight months a year.

During the visits, students tour the unique UN campus (the ITC-ILO, UNICRI, the UNSSC, the UNESCO Centre and the SIOI share the campus facilities) and get information on the United Nations system and the ITC-ILO.

The teachers accompanying the students are usually asked to tell the international organizations’ representatives what their pupils need to know in advance, so that participatory sessions can be run. This stimulates students’ participation and interaction, and generates interesting debates.  The visits are part of an educational journey prepared by their teachers, to which the UN organizations contribute ad hoc information.

After the campus tour, the students are told about the activities of the UN and the Centre. The presentations start with the objectives of the institutions, emphasizing topics that touch on the students’ lives and interests, stirring their curiosity.

Presentations begin with the origin of the campus, the history and the activities of the international organizations in Turin. The links between the organizations and the architectural context of the city, for example the “Italia 61 International Exhibition” and the “2006 Winter Olympic Games”, are described with multimedia help.

This approach sparks interesting meetings with an international flavour, at which students receive information that can help them plan their educational and professional future.

All the institutions on campus do their best to acquaint the younger generation with the challenges international organizations face, so that they can get a better idea of global issues and how the international organizations are called upon to operate.


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