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A new partnership agreement was signed on 5 May 2011 between the Director of the Turin Centre, represented by the Deputy Director, Mr. Dario Arrigotti, and Mr. Christian Dupuy, the Mayor of Suresnes, in France.

Suresnes, a town near Paris with some 45,000 inhabitants, recently received a national award for its good practice in human resource management. This is linked to an agreement signed in 2010 between the municipal government and their workers' union that aimed at ensuring that workers' representatives in the town administration were not penalized in their careers during or after their union mandate.

As part of the implementation of this agreement, the town of Suresnes has provided financial support since 2010 for municipality officials and union representatives to take part in training courses run by the Centre in Turin.

Feedback from participants in the initial training activities was extremely positive. This has prompted the town government and the Centre to extend their collaboration until 2014. The new agreement sets the conditions for the participation of the representatives of Suresnes in the Centre’s training.


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