What drives students to join MALED?

This question was asked by the MALED Manager at the start of the 4th edition of the Master in Applied Labour Economics for Development, on 27 January.

The answer was ambitions as simple as learning new skills and knowledge that can open new and fulfilling professional opportunities or as big as a dream to make a difference to the community, society, or even the world at large.

But ambitions have to be accompanied by determination, curiosity, imagination, and hard work to maximize learning.

Through this Master, the Centre in collaboration with the universities of Turin and Science Po (Paris) equips participants with the conceptual and analytical skills to design and evaluate evidence-based policies, in which international labour standards and fundamental rights at work go hand in hand with job creation and productive employment. The pedagogical approach of the Master is designed to inspire participants to pursue new ideas and be prepared to make a lasting and positive difference in their life and the life of others.

The programme is delivered as a first level Master of Science by the Department of Economics at the University of Turin and as an Executive Master by the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po).

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