Workshop on “International labour standards and reporting” in the Pacific Islands

Under the ILO Constitution, the adoption of international labour standards (ILS) gives rise to a number of obligations to member States, including the obligation to report on measures taken to give effect to ratified Conventions and on legislation and practice concerning unratified Conventions and Recommendations. In addition, these reports must be communicated to the representative employers’ and workers’ organizations, which may comment on the application of ILS.

This being the case, a workshop on ILS and reporting obligations will be held in Nadi, Fiji, on 21 and 22 August 2018, in collaboration with ILO Suva. The workshop will target tripartite delegations from 11 Pacific Island countries.


In order to build and strengthen national capacity to discharge the standards-related reporting obligations, the workshop will expose participants to the role and operation of ILS reporting, familiarize them with the resources and tools that can help in managing the reporting work, and give them the opportunity to share information and experience on how reporting is organized in their various countries.


The “Managing ILS reporting website” developed by the ITCILO together with the International Labour Standards Department will be used throughout the workshop. The website presents ILS reporting in terms of “managing” all the resources needed to produce and communicate reports. It collects and distributes examples of good practice contributed by ILO constituents. It also provides tools and information resources, including a glossary giving definitions of reporting-related terms.


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