“Effective Labour Law Services”, a workshop for employers’ organizations, is taking place at the ITC-ILO from 14 to 16 April 2010

Employers’ organizations (EOs) are an essential part of sound social and economic development. They are partners for governments and trade unions, and ensure that economic players jointly influence the political, social and economic environment to make it conducive to stability, growth, job creation and decent work.

Labour law services are provided by many employers’ organizations around the world because labour regulation is a major component of companies’ business environment.  EOs provide member associations and enterprises with relevant information and advice on labour law.

However, employers’ organizations are not always in a position to manage services to members in an efficient way. Part of this deficiency is due to inadequate staff development, training and exposure to successful management practices.

Especially in developing or transition countries, EOs have a need for capacity-building and practical guidance on how to set up, reinforce and manage labour law services. Nineteen participants from 19 national employers’ organizations in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European will be together in Turin over the next few days to learn, share experience and agree on a practical road map for strengthening labour law services.

This training workshop is being held in partnership with the Bureau for Employers’ Activities of the ILO, and is taking place thanks to sponsorship by the Norwegian Government.

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