World Food Day (WFD) at the Centre

World Food Day (WFD) is celebrated every year on 16 October to raise awareness of sustainable food production and urge the general public to play a part in ending hunger and building a sustainable future for our planet.

Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development is the message being spread by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). WFD 2017 is therefore “an occasion to highlight that by investing in sustainable rural development and agriculture, not only are we working towards SDG2 (Zero Hunger), but also addressing some of the major global challenges our world faces today: migration and displacement”. The FAO adds that “migration is part of the process of development as economies undergo structural transformation and people search for better employment opportunities within and across countries.”

To celebrate this important international day, four events will be held on campus on Monday 16 October:

  • A session organized in collaboration with EnAIP Piemonte dedicated to “Promoting integration for migrant workers in the agrifood sector”. Representatives of the EU EMBRACE Project, cooperatives, local producers, and workers in the food and agribusiness sector will be sharing environmentally and socially responsible business approaches to improving opportunities and access to the local labour market for migrants.
  • A special menu prepared by Chef Hassan from Morocco.
  • A small local food market, where local producers will showcase their products and explain their approach to employment in greater detail.
  • World Food Day Concert at the Valentino Bar: international choir Pequeñas Huellas.


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