Your mobile phone for learning: anytime, anywhere

Recent evidence shows that over 70% of mobile phones are owned in developing countries.

To help business trainers integrate mobile learning in their modalities, the Centre has developed a mobile learning toolkit for use in youth entrepreneurship programmes in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The toolkit consists of 16 mobile learning methods divided into four categories:  ability to deliver content; assign tasks; gather feedback; and provide support to training participants.

The toolkit works on low-end mobiles rather than smartphones and relies on text-based communication such as SMS to support learning, building on its popularity in previous African mobile projects.

Trainers can connect more effectively with their trainees, deliver content, assign field tasks, gather feedback or support trainees. Learners use tags and search words to find methods.

An online forum has been created where material is accessible anytime, anywhere; where learners can interact and share knowledge and experiences with trainers and among participants.

Around 50 business advisors and trainers have attended three webinars this year introducing the mobile learning toolkit and different mobile methodologies. More in-depth training is set to take place in the run-up to eLearning Africa 2014, on how trainers can effectively integrate mobile strategies into their teaching and the scaled-up expertise can be transferred to other training packages.

The Centre will participate in eLearning Africa 2014 to introduce the toolkit to an even wider audience.

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