Evaluating the impact of youth employment programmes

In the face of increasingly alarming youth unemployment and underemployment, specific programmes dealing with topics such as employment services, skills training, public works, wage subsidies, self-employment assistance and micro finance have become central policy tools in emerging and developing countries.

Policy makers often lack information on the policy options related to youth employment available to them, such as what has/has not been successful in improving labour market outcomes for young people and why.

Every year, the Turin Centre organizes practical, hands-on training activities in English and French on the monitoring and impact evaluation of youth employment programmes. These programmes are specifically designed to help policy makers and managers of youth employment programmes to enhance their skills in order to effectively design and monitor projects, as well as conduct and interpret impact evaluations.

About 30 policy makers and senior experts from francophone countries will participate in the French edition of the activity, which is taking place on campus from 17 to 21 March 2014.

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