A new training initiative

news - 24/08/2017
The Centre welcomes 19 young university teachers from Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Peru) who are about to begin the first postgraduate course on "The future of decent work: dimensions of approach and training methodologies".


This new training initiative is being launched in partnership with the University of San Martin (UNSAM) in Argentina and with the support of the ILO and its office in Buenos Aires. This has made it possible to offer some scholarships to encourage outstanding tutors to take part.

The course content reflects radical changes taking place in the world of production and work. The ILO launched the "The future of work" initiative in 2013 in order to understand and to respond effectively to new challenges in the field of decent work. The two-week course aims to reflect on imminent changes in production and their impact on the world of work while seeking to support young teachers and researchers from Latin American universities in the design of modules, training sessions and research agendas linked to the future of decent work.

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