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news - 19/04/2018
On 20 April, the Centre celebrates Earth Day 2018 with two initiatives.


“End Plastic Pollution” is the theme of an Earth Day 2018 campaign that aims to:

  • change human attitudes and behaviour regarding plastics, and
  • inspire and demand effective action to reduce and control it.

Recent statistics indicate that 300 million tonnes of plastic are sold each year, and that 90 per cent of it is thrown away, with a huge percentage ending up in landfills, as well as in wildlife and our own bodies. And, unless we take action, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050. Every member of our society bears some responsibility for this.

The Centre will take up this theme by drawing staff members’ attention to two initiatives:

  • a Q&A session on waste-sorting on Campus, to communicate and discuss what the Centre does to reduce plastic,  and what more can be done to improve the process;
  • a call for individual contributions to “Get rid of your bin”.

Having a “plastic-free” Campus is one of the goals of the Centre, which has adopted several measures over the last few years to ensure its implementation.

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