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news - 23/02/2018
As in previous years, the Centre will be taking part in the Italian “M’illumino di meno” initiative (Energy Saving Day), together with private citizens, companies, municipalities, schools and other participating organizations and institutions.


The 2018 national campaign promoted by Caterpillar (a Rai Radio 2 programme), will focus on the joy of walking and feeling the earth under one’s feet, every step a contribution to saving the planet. The collective goal is to cover the distance to the moon, i.e. 555 million steps, by the end of 23 February.

As well as the usual practice of encouraging people to switch off the lighting in the common areas of the Campus, this year the Centre will be organizing a walk/run on its premises and in the surrounding park for staff and participants as part of the effort to achieve its target of 50,000 steps.

However, in line with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and targets, “energy saving has to be continuously increased at all stages of the energy chain, from generation to final consumption”[1] throughout the year.

This is why, since 2008, the Centre has been part of the “Greening the Blue” initiative, a global effort across the United Nations system to measure overall GHG emissions and promote efforts to reduce them. The latest edition of the Greening the Blue Report, released in November 2017, details the emissions from 67 organizations, employing over 264,221 members of staff around the world. By data analysis, the ITCILO’s CO2 emission rate was found to be below the UN average, at less than 5 tonnes of CO2/staff member, confirming a decreasing trend in energy consumption since 2011.



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