ITCILO runs a “Family Sensitization on Self-Employment” programme in Lebanon

news - 30/07/2018
The programme was held in Beirut from 23 to 26 July 2018, with the aim of sowing seeds of change in a community affected by decades of war. Lebanese and Syrian youth are at the heart of this project.


This programme is a part of a larger project which aims to engage ‘youth at risk’ in a range of livelihood and social-stability activities and, importantly, strengthen the linkages and complementarities between the two. The overall project will enhance youth engagement through activities that i) promote social stability and conflict resolution; and ii) improve the employability of the young people concerned (skills- training, youth entrepreneurship, and job placement initiatives). Together, these two sets of activities are intended to foster positive interactions between Lebanese and Syrian youth and create livelihood opportunities.

Anyone starting and growing a business needs the right kind of help and support, adapted to the local business environment and the wider context and setting. In challenging situations, the right kind of professional support is essential. Knowing how to work not just with budding entrepreneurs, but also with their families and communities, is a significant part of the process skills required by business development practitioners.

The Family Sensitization Programme on Self-Employment will develop the soft and process skills required to facilitate good decision-making and present the arguments in favour of business start-ups and joint ventures.

The first objective is to develop the skills required to advocate for the central purpose of the overall project: peace-building, using the vehicle of livelihood development. With this in mind, the participants will learn how to advocate for the benefits of social stability and reducing tension by breaking down stereotypes. The programme will also impart the knowledge required to establish a new business, so that potential entrepreneurs know they are receiving the best advice and services to help them develop their business ideas.

The trained leaders will act as change agents, able to explain and advocate in favour of peace, stability, self-employment and entrepreneurship.

The Family Sensitization Programme on Self-Employment is highly engaging. It consists of practical group work and exercises, as well as short inputs followed by practice and research, for developing the necessary skills and knowledge.

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