Ethics, Accountability and Transparency

The International Training Centre of the ILO is committed to openness and transparency in all its operations, activities and decision-making processes. Given its commitment to tripartite governance involving representatives of workers' and employers' organizations as well as governments, the Centre has a long history as an open and transparent organization.

The Centre intends to continue to enhance its openness and transparency and ensure that its policies and procedures are in line with best practices in this area.   In this context, the Centre has introduced a number of new measures as well as revised a range of existing rules and procedures including the following:

  • an Ethics Officer has been appointed to foster a culture of integrity and high ethical standards;
  • a copy of the Standards of Conduct for the International Civil Service has been issued to each official with a request to sign a statement confirming that he or she has read these standards and agrees to observe them;
  • all officials will be required to make a periodic disclosure of interests.

More detailed information on these and other measures can be found at the website of the  Centre's Ethics Office.

The new measures have been introduced as a result of a review of good practices in the UN system and other public service institutions.  While learning from these good practices, the measures have also been adapted to take account of the Centre’s governance structure and particular institutional culture.

    The Centre's practices and procedures will evolve over time.  This is an essential part of the Centre’s commitment to enhancing transparency and accountability with regard to governments, employers' and workers' organizations, our partners in the UN system, the development community and the wider public as well as constituting a key element of the knowledge-sharing strategy of the Centre.

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