The Centre's Ethics Office

In 2010, the ILO extended the mandate of the Ethics Officer of the ILO to cover the International Training Centre of the ILO, to foster a culture of integrity and high ethical standards with a view to enhancing transparency and accountability at the Centre.

The Ethics Officer has the following responsibilities:

  • CONSULTATION: to provide guidance to Human Resources Services (HRS) to ensure that the Centre’s policies, procedures and practices reinforce and promote ethical standards, and that the ethical standards pertaining to the Centre’s officials are clearly understood. Additionally, upon request, the Ethics Officer counsels managers and staff members on questions of ethics and outside activities.
  • PROMOTION : to assist, in collaboration with HRS, in designing and promoting programmes to increase staff awareness of ethical issues.
  • WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION : to receive complaints of retaliation or threats of retaliation from individual officials who believe that action has been taken against them because they have reported misconduct or cooperated with an audit or investigation.  In this capacity, the Ethics Officer conducts a preliminary review of the complaint to determine if the matter should be referred to HRS for possible disciplinary action.

In exercising these duties, the Ethics Officer will keep a confidential record of all issues brought to his/her attention and be independent of any official, department or other organizational entity of the Centre.

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