The second responsibility of the Ethics Officer is to collaborate with HRS in designing and promoting programmes to increase staff awareness of ethical issues.

With the publication of the circular “Ethics and standards of conduct”,  the Director instructed that a copy of the Standards of Conduct for the International Civil Service (2013)  be issued to each official, with a request to sign a statement confirming that he or she had read and agreed to observe them.

The act of signing the Standards is not a condition for their applicability. It simply confirms the fact that  staff members have read and understood that they are expected to live up to the standards of behaviour described in the text. The signature is without prejudice to officials' rights and obligations.

Additional standards that are important from an ethical perspective include Chapter IV of the Centre’s Staff Regulations regarding duties, obligations and immunities, and Circular HRS 28/2008 concerning rules and approval procedures governing outside activities.

Training programmes are being prepared and will be announced in due course.

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