Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Block 1

Strengthening Employers’ and Business Member Organizations’ Management Capacities

Training activities aiming at improving the internal functioning of Employers’ and Business Member Organizations, in order to make them more representative and more efficient as organizations and in their membership relations.

Training Activities Include:


Master Training in Effective Business Member Organizations


The Master Training Course in Effective Business Member Organizations (BMOs) takes a 360° look at how BMOs function. It deals with day-to-day issues, but also facilitates strategic reflection. This is a course with an interregional audience and international faculty.

The Effective Employers' Organizations

Systematic overview of the functioning of EBMOs: strategy, planning, advocacy, governance, communication, services for members, revenue-building.

The Future of Employers' and Business Member Organizations

The workshop aims at presenting and discussing the results of regional and global researches carried out by the Employers Activities Bureau to define which are the key features of successful Employers' and Business Member Organizations in the future taking into account the changes affecting the world of work.
Membership Strategies

The course aims at building the capacity of Employers' and Business Member Organizations in the area of membership management, including a better understanding of principles of service marketing  for membership retention and recruitment, a better use of membership tools ("CRM for EBMOs"), the identification Key Performance Indicators related to membership and the design of strategy for membership expansion.



The Membership Database for Employers' and Business Member Organizations is a CRM-based software application designed to facilitate membership data management and meet the specific needs of national and sector-related business organizations. With this tool, employers' organizations will be able to store data related to corporate members, manage and track all services rendered, professionalize their marketing and communication strategies, and automate billing procedures and the creation of internal management reports. The Employers' Activities Programme provides a full service to enable employers' and business member organizations to install and use the software: master-user training for local focal points, local installation and training for all staff, and a post-installation helpdesk.


Massive Open Online Course - MOOC - on the roles and responsibilities of board members in Business Member Organizations


An introductory course on the role played by Employers’ and Business Member Organizations in economies around the world and how their board members can contribute to guiding the strategic direction of the organization. The MOOC is a scalable and tailored online learning opportunity which will further support the ability of board members to perform their role.



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