One of the central roles of the Programme for Employers' Activities is providing capacity-building support for ILO employers’ constituents in the area of management of Employers’ and Business Member Organizations.

In this context the key reference material so far has been The Effective Employers’ Organizations package, a series of Guides produced in 2006 for the Bureau for Employers Activities by faculty members of the University of Geneva International Organizations MBA. This set of guides has been extensively distributed, read and used.

Since mid-2016 our Programme has been working to renew this package to reflect changes in the ways business is representing business and to showcase newer best practices.

The new Effective Employers’ and Business Member Organizations’ package has a completely different format and is not based anymore only on static guides. The “backbone” of the package is this online platform. 

The platform is structured around 5 key thematic areas:

graphic_actemp.png services communication membership development lobbying and advocacy googd governance

For each thematic area, different training aids are available:

  • Newly developed reference guides
  • A set of PPT presentations ready to use for training purposes. The PPT draws from the 10-year experience of ACTEMP Turin Team in delivering training session on EBMOs management in 5 continents
  • Practical checklists
  • A Set of videos showcasing best practices from employers’ and business organizations all around the world or short excerpts of “lessons” from key note speakers.
  • Additional useful tools.

This platform is a “living laboratory”: if you have good and innovative practices to share, please contact us. We count on you to keep enriching and updating the material and support Employers’ and Business Member Organizations in becoming more and more relevant and effective.  




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