Members are the key asset of Employers' and Business Member Organizations. Members provide resources and guarantee representativeness. Members are customers, but also owners of EBMOs. Membership is power. How to retain members? How to attract new ones? Recipes from all over the world. 



Have a look at our "hands-on" guide for Effective Employers' and Business Member Organizations on Membership Development (the guide is under preparation and will be available by the end of December, 2018 - for the time being you can access our first draft). 


Feel free to download our ready-made, customizable presentation on Membership Development:

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During your strategic reviews exercises, go through our practical checklist to compare the status of your organization versus the best EBMOs management practices and to make sure you keep on track in each element contributing to the organizations' success


Our Additional Tools section is developed to further support Employers' and Business Member Organizations in becoming more and more relevant and effective by providing useful materials, documents and templates regarding Membership Development.

  • Feel free to download our template of Members' Satisfaction and Needs Assessment Surveys. The template is largely based on the satisfaction surveys regularly run by the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) (prepared in 2017) 
  • A brilliant example of an impactful EBMO brochure - Irish Business and Employers Confederation, October 2016 
  • Electronic version of Ghana Employers Association Membership Pack - The pack is given on hard copies to all new members to get a clear overview on the main services of the Association 
  • Three examples of Membership Application Forms - Federation of Kenya Employers, 2016   Employers' Federation of Ceylon, 2017  and Uganda Federation of Employers, 2017 
  • Examples of members satisfaction survey - Nigeria Employers Consultative Association - Service Delivery - Feedback Survey, 2017  Employers Consultative Association of Trinidad & Tobago - Membership Feedback Survey, 2017  and South Hebron Chamber - Annual Membership Questionnaire, 2018  
  • An Example of an exit survey for members leaving the EBMO - Employers Consultative Association Trinidad & Tobago, 2018 


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