Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Employers' Young Professional Academy launches its 6th edition

On 3-5 May the Employers' Young Professional Academy launched its 6th edition with the first meeting on effective lobbying held at the ITCILO in Turin

On 3-5 May the first of the three meetings of the 6th edition of the Employers' Young Professional Academy (EYPA) took place at the ITCILO in Turin.

The meeting brought together 31 young professionals from employers' organisations from 21 European countries to discuss how to build a strong voice for employers. This session looked at the various elements of effective lobbying, including the need to identify the right stakeholders, to come up with the right message for the right audience and to have in place a focused advocacy strategy.

The group ended the 3-day session with a simulation, where each of them had to play a role of a representative of the EU institutions, social partners or other interested groups to help adopt a proposed EU Directive.

This was the first of three meetings in the 6th edition of EYPA; the other two will explore how to foster economic growth (July) and how to engage as social partner (September).

The EYPA is a programme that is developed in partnership with BusinessEurope and is financially supported by the European Commission.

Over the 6 years of its existence, EYPA has helped over 150 young professionals of employers' organisations network and share best practices to improve the impact of employers' organisations around Europe. More information about EYPA can be found here.


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