Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Why such a MOOC?

Business Member Organizations (BMOs) have an essential and unique part to play in sound social and economic development.

With a diverse membership drawn from different sectors, regions and sizes of companies, BMOs interact with public authorities, as sources of information on the major constraints affecting private sector as well as partners in discussing and co-designing more sustainable business environments.

Acting as employers’ representatives, they also play an important part in tripartite national social and economic consultation bodies and as negotiation partners in the framework of collective bargaining and social dialogue at national, sector or enterprise level.

They also have a very important role as providers of business development services: in exchange for membership fees, members increasingly expect, tangible, quality services such as information, advice and training in the areas of labour law, human resources management, access to finance, trade promotion etc.

Finally, as member-driven organizations, they are confronted with complex issues in managing their internal resources, balancing member’s interests, engaging with their membership and stakeholders as well as maintaining a sound revenue base.

So, what does it mean to sit on a Board of such an organization?

Board Members in BMOs are the ultimate decision-makers. Critically, being on the board of a BMO means having to master a complex set of tasks and being able to take a strategic view on decisions to be taken. It also implies adopting a perspective on strategic planning, governance, income generation or membership management that is unique to these type of organizations. It is mostly on the job learning.

This MOOC is the first and only learning solution which provides an introduction to current and future Board Members on what is generally expected from them and how they can contribute to and shape the strategic direction of the organization. Through a mix of inputs (micro-lessons, readings), experience sharing (case studies, video interviews), practical tips (boardroom checklists, crowdsourcing of solutions) and interactions between peers (discussion fora), participants will gain both knowledge and practical skills to enhance their role as effective Board Members of a BMO.

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