Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Is this course for me?

You’re a Board member of a Business Member Organization? How do you contribute to making your organization the most relevant to all its members? This MOOC is THE opportunity to improve practice together by stepping back, having a good look at how your Board is working and by listening to the advice of experts and peers.

Everyone learns differently. For some, reading from a book or an article is the best way to absorb new information. Others are more receptive to information that is presented to them through spoken word. Others still, like to study visual graphs or images. Last but not least, some of us need to “do” and put into practice learning in order to grow.


The good news is: the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offered by the by the Training Centre of the ILO combines it all - short summaries of content; boardroom checklists, videos and case studies, reading lists and even crowd-sourcing of information and practices  - to help you boost your efficiency as Board member of a Business Member Organization!

Let’s review these tips to set you up for success when taking the MOOC: 

  1. Have a clear motivation in mind. The first step to success is to start by identifying the reasons for taking the course: Do you want to learn new insights on Business Members Organizations? Do you want to take on a new role in a Board of Directors? Do you want to share your thoughts and experience with peers around the globe? Do you want to build up your international network?
  2. Keep up with the step-by-step rhythm of the MOOC. The MOOC is clustered around 5 modules for a total duration of 5 weeks. It is delivered entirely online, so you can take your MOOC whenever you go! It should take you around 3 hours work per week to complete each module. You can complete assignments and go through modules at your own speed, so that it fits your work and life. Just make sure you plan ahead and keep on schedule!
  3. Have some skin in the game. Share your journey with other Board members you know – either in person or on social media. By involving them in your endeavour, you’re more likely to feel motivated to make progress and share your experience! Complete the assignments, earn the badges and get the certificate! Even if participating to the MOOC itself is free, getting the certificate requires a small fee – think of it as an incentive to get across the finish line and celebrate success!


This is the first and only MOOC for Board Members of Business Member Organizations (discover more here). The five-week online course offers inputs, practical tips and plenty opportunities to exchange with peers in order to boost your efficiency as Board Member of a Business Member Organization.


Sign up today and Make it count!! – the MOOC starts on 24 April 2017!



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