Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Building a culture of Occupational Safety and Health in the RMG sector The present capacity-building initiative reached 585 companies in RMG sector and provided training to 8,038 mid-level managers and 800,000 workers

ILO programme “Improving Working Conditions in RMG”

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Building a culture of Occupational Safety and Health in the RMG sector

The present capacity-building initiative reached 585 companies in RMG sector and provided training to 8,038 mid-level managers and 800,000 workers

Efforts have been undertaken and supported by ILO to reinforce the capacity of workers, supervisors and managers in the Ready-Made-Garment (RMG) sector to improve the safety of their workplaces in RMG companies in Bangladesh. Through training and education and the support of broad awareness campaigns and materials, workers and employers have benefited from improved safety practices. The International Training Centre of the ILO and ILO Dhaka Office in strong partnership with Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF), Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers Export Association (BGMEA), Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers Export Association (BKMEA) made an agreement to reach out to 585 companies providing training material and support for the implementation of basic training events and informative sessions for mid-level managers and workers.

Key areas of work 

  • Fire safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Trips slip and fall and good housekeeping
  • Dangerous substances
  • Ergonomics
  • Noise protection
  • Preventing violence at work
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We are glad to announce that we hit all the targets foreseen in the third and last phase of the project in terms of numbers of reached companies and number of mid-level managers trained!

Our achievements:

  1. 120 accredited EOSH trainers
  2. 8,308 mid-level managers in 585 companies and 405 training sessions
  3. Training 800,000 (est.) workers in 16,000 (est.) training sessions

Check out our latest videos of the project:

For further information, please read the Working Paper: "Building a culture of Occupational Safety and Health in the Ready Made Garment sector: analysis of the project model and main achievements", by Paolo Salvai.

companies Strategy project Progress

Project strategy

List of companies




 All the phases of the project have been successfully completed!

List of Companies

The following companies voluntarily agreed to take part in the ILO Programme Building a Safety Culture at workplace in RMG sector.


In the table below you will find information about:  

  • the companies involved including factory name, address, number of employees, OSH management system in place
  • the activities realized with ITC ILO, ILO  Dhaka, BGMEA and BKMEA support in the framework of this project
  • progress and concrete improvements achieved 
Company name
Medlar Apparels Limited
Srabony Knitwear Ltd
ABANTI Color Tex Ltd.
Birds Group
Saturn Textiles Ltd.
Pendora Fashion Ltd.
Envoy Fashion Ltd., Manta Apparels Ltd., Envoy Design Ltd.

The Rose Dresses Ltd.

Fashion Forum Ltd.

Islam Garments Ltd., The Rose Dresses Ltd.

A J Super Garments Ltd., Nassa Basics Ltd.,  Nassa Fashions Ltd., Global Nassa Wear Ltd., Nassa Hi Tech Wear Ltd.
Medlar Apparels Ltd.
LIZ Apparels Ltd.,  EDEN Apparels Ltd., KIMIA Apparels IND Ltd., KIMIA Garments IND Ltd., Sun Seeds Apparels IND Ltd., Western Dresses Ltd
A Plus Industries Ltd., A Plus Sweater., Amir Shirts Ltd
Noman Fashion Fabrics Ltd., Zaber Zubair Fabrics Ltd.
Sterling Creation Ltd., Sterling Apparels Ltd.
Windy Apparels Ltd., Vintage Garments Ltd., Hollywood Garments (Pvt) Ltd.
Garments Export Village Ltd., Power Vantage Wear Ltd.
Zahintex Industries Ltd., Hotapara Garments Ltd., Givensee Garmrnts Ltd.
IRIS Group (IRIS Fabrics, IRIS Design Ltd.)
AKH Group (AKH Fashion Ltd., AKH Shirts Ltd., AKH Apparels Ltd., AKH Aungshuk Ltd.
Noman Fashion Fabrics Ltd., Zaber Zubair Fabrics Ltd.
Noman Fashion Fabrics Ltd., Zaber Zubair Fabrics Ltd.
M/S. Wear Mag Ltd., M/S. Crezy Fashion Ltd., M/S. Adhunik Poshak Shilpa Ltd., M/S. Tip Top Fashion Ltd.
Shade Fashions Ltd., Shade Fashions Int'l Ltd., P&O Attires Ltd.
Kaniz Garments Ltd.
Saad - Saan Apparels Ltd.
Saad - Saan Apparels Ltd.
Pandora Sweater Ltd., Amtranet Ltd.
Natural Denims Ltd.
Envoy Fashion Ltd., Birds Apparels, Natural Danim Ltd.
Ashique Dress Desinge Ltd., Ashique Jeans Apparels Ltd.
S.F. Apparels Ltd., S.F. Fashion Wear Ltd.
Noman Terry Tower Mills Ltd (Group #1)
Noman Terry Tower Mills Ltd (Group #2)
Pacific Sweater Ltd., Fuji Knitwears Ltd., Esquire Knitwear Ltd.
Basic Shirts Ltd. & Vase Apparels Ltd.
Alif Casual Wear Ltd.
Masco Cotton Ltd., Masco Tex Ltd., Masco Indestries Ltd. (U-1), Masco Indestries Ltd. (U-2)
Masco Cotton Ltd., Masco Tex Ltd., Masco Indestries Ltd. (U-1), Masco Indestries Ltd. (U-2)
S.F. Denim Apparels Ltd.
Opex Designers Ltd.
Universal Menswear Ltd.
UTAH Fashion Ltd.
Posmi Sweater Ltd.
D & S Pretty Fashions Ltd.
Moonlight Garments Ltd. & Ehasan Garments Ltd.
Interfab Shirt Manufacturing Ltd.
Shomahar Sweaters Ltd.
South East Apperls Ltd.
Elite Garments Industries Ltd.
Utah Knitting & Deying Ltd.
One Composite Mills Ltd.
Interlink Dresses Ltd.
Vintage Denim ltd.
Hams Garments Ltd.
Snowtex Outwear Ltd.
Tarasima Apparels Ltd
Sinha Denim Wear Ltd.
Robintex BD Ltd., Complex Bangladesh Ltd.
Evitex Fashions Ltd., Evitex Textiles Ltd., Evitex Apparels Ltd., Evitex Dress Shirt Ltd., Argon Denims Ltd., Argon Spinning Ltd.
Mondol Intimates Limited
P.N Composite Ltd.
Silken Sewing Ltd.
Utah Fashion Ltd., Utah Knitting & Dying Ltd.
Ananta Garments Ltd.
Bando Design Ltd.
Desiner Jeans Ltd.
Alpha Knitwear Ltd.
The Shanin Corporation Ltd. & Mahammadi Apparels Ltd.
Knit Concern Ltd.
Sraboni Knit Wear Ltd.
Shamser Knit Fashions Ltd.
Knit Concern Lingerie Ltd.
J.S Knitting and Garments Ltd.
Total Tex Knit Ltd.
M.S. Dyeing, Printing And Finishing Ltd
B.L Apprals LTD.
Crony Tex Sweater LTD.
Abanti Colour Tex LTD.
IRIS Fabrics Limited.
IRIS Knitwear Limited.
Plummy Fashions LTD.
Zaheen Knitwears
Niagara Textile Ltd.
Viyellatex Ltd.
Unique Dginers Ltd.
Square Fashions Ltd. (UNIT-1)
Ever Smart Bangladesh Ltd.
Colossus Apparels Ltd Unit -1
Colossus Apparels Ltd Unit -2
Radial International Ltd.
TM Textile & Garments Ltd.
Cristal Apparels Ltd.
S M Knitwears Ltd.
N. A. Z Bangladesh Ltd.
Mitali Fashions Ltd.
Alim Knit BD Ltd.
DK Knitwears Ltd.
Tex Town Ltd.
Radiance Knitwears Ltd.
Crossline Knit Fabrics Ltd.
Crossline factory Pvt.  Ltd.
Cotton Club (BD Ltd.)
Cotton Clout Ltd.
Hop Lun Apparels Ltd.
Ruposhi Knitwear Ltd.
Multifabs Ltd.
Tasniah Fabrics Ltd.
Masco Tex Ltd.
Masco Industries Ltd. (Unit 1 & 2)
Masco Cottons Ltd.
Northern Fashions Ltd.
H.R Textile Mills Ltd.
Fashion Knit Garments Ltd.
Masco Picaso & Masco Printing
Dekko Knit Wears Ltd.
Turag Garments Ltd.
Grameen Knit Wears Ltd.
Northern Corporation Ltd.
Cottonfield (BD) Ltd.
Aboni Knitwear Ltd.
Polo Composite Knit Industry Ltd.
Bengal Hurricane Dyeing & Printing (Pvt.) Ltd.
Arabi Fashion Ltd.
Logos Apparels Ltd.
Dayue Bangladesh Ltd.
Ragadi Textile Ltd.
How Are You Textile Ltd.
Knit Concern Ltd. (2nd Batch)
Abanti Color Tex Ltd. (2nd Batch)
Reaz Export Apparels Ltd.
Youngones (BD) Ltd.
Stylecraft ltd.
Rose Sweaters Ltd.

Sepal  Garments  Ltd. Glory  Fiashionwear Ltd. Orchid  Garments  Ltd

Starlight Sweaters Limited.

Opex Ready Wear Ltd., Kores Bangladesh Ltd.
Impress Fashion Ltd.
Square Fashions Ltd
Denimach Limited.
Square Fashions Ltd.
Nassa Knit Ltd., Nassa Apparel Ltd-2., Western Dresses Ltd-2., Nassa Wash Ltd., Star Light Knit Wear Ltd-2.
Square Fashions Ltd.
Feroza  Garments  Ltd., Starlight  Knitwear  Ltd.
Square Fashions Ltd.
Natural Sweater Village  Ltd., Ajax Sweaters Ltd.
United  Trougers Ltd.
Basic Apparels Ltd.
MACK Shirts Ltd., Bengle Jeans Ltd.
Knittex Industries Ltd.,
Peak Apparels Ltd., Florence Fabrics Ltd.
Greenland Garments Ltd., T- Design Ltd.
Babylon Garments Ltd.
Spectra Sweaters Ltd.

Kuliarchar  Sweater Inds. Ltd.

SQ  Celsius ltd.
Mawna Fashons Ltd.

Fakhruddin Textiles Mills Ltd.

Sterling Design Ltd.

Fakhruddin Textiles Mills Ltd.

Globus Garments Ltd.

 Interstoff Apparels Ltd
Norp Knit Industries Ltd.
Mondol Fabrics Ltd.

 Montex Fabrics Ltd.

Mitali Fashions Ltd.

Tusuka Jeans Limited.

Nexus Sweater Industries Ltd., Powertex Ltd.
Pioneer Knitwear(BD) Ltd.
TM Textiles & Garments Ltd.

Interfave Shirts Manf. Ltd., Norp Knit Industries Ltd.

Apex Lingerie Limited.
Apex Textile & Printing Mills Ltd.
Shanta Garments Ltd.
Fame Sweater Ltd. 
Sterling Design Ltd., Fakhruddin Textile Mills Ltd.
Interstoff Apparels Ltd
Pioneer Knitwear(BD) Ltd.

Arunima Sports Wear Ltd.

Designtex Fashions  Ltd., T- Design Ltd.
Eurozone Fashion Ltd.
Arunima Sports Wear Ltd.
Dekko Readywear Ltd.

Creative Swearter Ltd

The Mohammadi Ltd., Mohammadi  Fashion Sweater Ltd., Mohammadi  Group Ltd.

Genesis Denim Ltd.

M G Shirtex Ltd., M G Knit Flair Ltd.
Arrow Apparels Ltd., M G Nice Flair Ltd.
B. Brothers Garments Co. Ltd.
Jinnat Knitwear Ltd., Motin Knitwear Ltd.
ABM Fashion Ltd.
Ananta Casual Wear Ltd.
Pantaloon Fashion Ltd., Rumana Fashion Ltd., Fashion Skirt & Trouser Ltd., Alizaa Fashion Ltd. East West Fashion Garments Ltd., Fashion Trousers Ltd.
Jinnat Apparels  Ltd., Jinnat Fashions Ltd.
Tusuka Trouser Ltd.
AKH Knitting & Dyeing Ltd
Dipta Garments Ltd.
Sterling Styles Ltd.
Jinnat Fashions  Ltd., Flamingo Fashion Ltd.
AKH Knitting & Dyeing Ltd
Sterling Styles Ltd.
Continental Garments Ind. (Pvt.) Ltd
Hannan Fashions Ltd.
Apex Spining & Knitting Mills Ltd.
Fancy Fashion Sweater Ltd.
Hannan Knit & Textiles Ltd.
Hannan Fashions Ltd. U-2
Hannan Knitwears Ltd.
Crescent Fashion & Design Ltd.
Dard Garments Ltd., Tarashima Apparels Ltd.

Beximco Fashions Ltd.

Beximco Apparels Ltd.
 A K M Knitwears Ltd.
Coast to Coast (Pvt) Ltd.
Rahimaaziz  Knitspin Ltd.
Russel Garments Ltd.
Beximco Apparels Ltd.
Divine Fabrics Limited.
Standard Stitches Ltd
New Dacca industries Ltd.
Athletic Suport Ltd., Coast To Coast Fashion Ltd., Coast to Coast Apparels Ltd.
Beximco Apparels Ltd.
Esses Fashions Ltd.
New Dacca industries Ltd.
Standard Stitches Ltd
Epyllion Style  Ltd.
Best Wool Sweaters Ltd.
B.H.I.S Apparels Ltd.
B. Brothers Garments Co. Ltd.
J M Fabrics Ltd.
Ekram Sweaters Ltd.
Ananta Apparels Ltd.
Epyllion Knitex Ltd
Epyllion Fabrics Ltd
Ayman Textile Ltd
Epyllion Ltd
IRIS Design Ltd
Sangkowang Apparels Ltd.
Fashionit Company Ltd.

V & R Fashions Ltd., Elate Fashions Ltd., Excel Industries Ltd.

Bando Fashions Ltd.
Chaity Composite Ltd.
NR Knitting Mills Ltd.
Arival Fashion Ltd.
Esquire Knit Composite Ltd.
Epyllion Knitwears Ltd.
Arunima Apparels Ltd., Rising Apparels Ltd.
Chorka Textile Ltd., IL Bangla Ltd.
Dragon Sweater(BD)Ltd., Perog Socks Ltd.
Trust Touser Ltd., Padma Textile Ltd., Quality Apparels Ltd.
Multiple Fashions Ltd., Sandwip Fashions Ltd., Associate Garments Ltd., Seo Wan Bangladesh Ltd., Wonder Apparels Ltd., Rupa Fabrics Ltd.
Tivoli Apparels Ltd., Alauddin Garments Ltd., Banga Garments Ltd., Rising Fashions Ltd., Alauddin & Sons(Pvt) Ltd.
Impressive Garments Ltd., Glory Fashions Ltd., M-Yew Fashions Ltd., Chancellor Garments Ltd., Vertex Garments Ltd.
Tejgaon Textile Mills Ltd., Lucky Star Apparels Ltd., Safwan Fashions Ltd., Karnaphulli Knit Wear Ltd., T. H. Fashions., Bangle Knittex Ltd., Kaisar Sanko JB Textile Ltd.
Yara Knit Wear Ltd., Fashion Exposure Ltd., Civic Apparels Ltd., Nofs Garments Ltd.
The Civil Engineers Ltd.
Pretty Sweaters Ltd.
Pretty Sweaters Ltd.
Jonayid Sweater Link., Fay-Max Sweater Composite Ltd., Mahid Apparel Ltd., Mahid Expo. Int. Tex. Ltd., Sonali Fabrics & Textile (Pvt.) Ltd.
Dekko Apparels Ltd., Dekko Fashions Ltd.
Epyllion Style Ltd.
Tillottama Fashions Ltd.
Raiyan Knit Composite Ltd.
Gramtech Knit Dyeing Finishing & Garments Ind. Ltd. Dahargaon - Rupgonj – Narayangonj.
Kushiara Composite Ltd.
Fashionit Company Ltd.
Naba knit Composite Ltd.
Norban Comtex Ltd
Interstoff Apparels Ltd
Knit Asia Ltd (Unit-2).
Fashionit Company Ltd (Unit-2).
Avant Garde Fashion Ltd.
Antim Knit Composite Ltd.
Antim Knitting -dyeing & Finishing  Ltd.
Robintex BD Ltd.
P.M Knittex (Pvt.) Ltd.
M.S Dyeing, Printing & Finishing Ltd. (Unit -2)
Abir Fashions
Fariha Knit Tex Ltd.
Ring Shine Ltd.
Shine Fashion Ltd.
M.S Dyeing, Printing & Finishing Ltd. (Unit -3)
Motaleb Monowara Composite Ltd.
Haesong Corporation Ltd (Unit-2)
Haesong Sweater Ltd.
Rupshi Fabrics Complex (Pvt.) Ltd.
Rich Apparels Ltd.
Total Fashion Ltd.
S.M.H New Genaretion.
S.P.M Design Ltd.
Ibrahim Knit Garments (Pvt) Ltd.
Advance Composite Ltd.
T. M. Textile & Garments Ltd.
Square Fashion Ltd. (Batch-2)
Square Fashion Ltd. (Batch-3)
RK Fashions Ltd., HK Apparels Ldt., Parity Fashion Ltd.
Blue Planet Ltd.
Southern Knitwear
Mondol Fashion,. Cotton Field (BD)Ltd., Aparell Express Ltd.
Ayman Textile Ltd. Batch-2
Fakruddin Textile Mills Ltd.
Sovon Knitwear Ltd.
NRG Knit Composite
Robintex BD Ltd. Batch-2
Bornali Textile & Printing Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
Esquire Knit Composite Ltd.
Chaity  Composite Ltd.
DIRD Composite Ltd.
DIRD Composite Ltd.-Batch-2
BOVS Apparels Ltd.
Scarlet Knitwear Ltd.
Niagara Textile Ltd. Batch-2
West Knit Wear Ltd., Raks Fashion Ltd., Aryan Knit Wear.
Sovon Knitwear Ltd.- Batch-2
NR Knitting Mills Ltd.
C.B Knit Fashion Ltd., Razia Apparels Ltd., Cotton Connection, J.S Attires Ltd., Darkesh Tex Wear Ltd.
Silken Sewing Ltd.
J.M. Fabrics Ltd.
J.M. Fabrics Ltd.-Batch-2
A-One Polar Ltd.
S.M Knitwear Ltd. Batch-2
Donglian Fashion Ltd.
Ablom Design Ltd., Victory Knitting (Pvt.)Ltd., N.R.R Fashion Ltd.
Green Life Knit Composite Ltd.
NRN Knit & Garments Ltd., Sayam Knit Febrics.
Kappa Fashion, Fuji Knit Wear Ltd., Bay Creation
HAMS Garments Ltd.
Pantex Dress Ltd.
Knit Syndicate.
Euro Knit Wear Ltd., Sabah desigeners Ltd.
AST Knitwear Ltd.
Four H Lingerie Ltd., Four H Intimates Ltd.
Four H Knittex Ltd., Charm Fashion., Upanti Apparels Ltd., Renown Apparels Ltd.
Four H Apparels Ltd.
One Composite Mills Ltd.
Belamy Textiles Ltd., Four H dyeing & printing Ltd.
HAMS Garments Ltd. Batch-2
Adury Knit Composite Ltd.
Sea Tex Textiles Ltd.
Sea Blue Textiles Ltd.
Nafisa Apparels Ltd., Four H Fashions Ltd., Fairy fabrics Printing., Badgetex Apparels Ltd.
Viyellatex Ltd.( Batch-2)
Universe Knitting Ltd (Unit-2).
Benetex Industries Ltd.
Square Fashions Ltd. Unit-2
Divine  Design ltd., Alamode Apparels Ltd., Avenger Textiles Ltd.
Marma Composite Ltd., Essential Clothing Ltd.
Pacific Sweaters Ltd., Best Style Composite Ltd., Cute Dress Industry.
William Sweaters Ltd., Boonon Knitting Ltd.
Hoplun Apparels Ltd.
Square Fashions Ltd. (Unit-2),Batch-2
Tropicals Knitex Ltd.
Samsons Winter Wear Inds. Ltd., N.T.Apparels Ltd., Knit Fair Ltd.
Libas Knitwear Ltd.
Taqua Fabrics Ltd.
Kumudini Apparels.
APS  Apparels Ltd.
Fariha Knit Tex Ltd.
Fariha Knit Tex Ltd.
Eurotex Knitwear Ltd., IFS Texwear(Pvt) Ltd.
Teen  Age Modern Fashion Ltd.
The Delta Composite Knitting Ltd.
Ananta Denim Technology Ltd.
The Delta Composite Knitting Ltd.
Mirabella Dresses Ltd.
Standard Group Ltd.
AMC Knit Composite Ltd., SP Fashions Ltd.
Giant Textiles Ltd., Mavis Garments Ltd., Shafi Processing Ltd., Giant Apparels Ltd., Giant Knit Fashion Ltd.
International Classic Composite Ltd.
International Trading Services Ltd.
Shagore Garments Ltd., Optimum Limited., Urmi Garments Ltd., Kentucky Textiles Ltd.
Standard Group Ltd.
Sabarang Fashions Ltd., Posh Garments Ltd., N. T Apparels Ltd., Minimax Limited., Mithela Textile Industry.
Tex Tech Co. Ltd., Dreamwears Ltd., Uniform Textile Ltd.
International Trading Services Ltd.
Beautiful Jackets Ltd., Zas Apparels Ltd., Oasis Fashion Ltd., Newage Fashion Wear Ltd.
Torque Fashions Ltd.
KM Apparel Knit(Pvt)Ltd., Azmeri Composite Knit Ltd.
Dekko Knitwears Limited Unit-2
RSB Ind. Ltd., Modiste Bangladesh Ltd., M.N. Knitwears Ltd. , M M Brothers Wears Ltd., M.N. Clothing Ltd.
Reliance Denim Ltd., Salim & Brothers Ltd., Hi-Fashion Ltd., Joint Garments Ltd.

Mostafa Garments Ltd.,  C&A Fashion Ltd.,  Fashion Watch Ltd., Priyam Garments Ltd.,  Chittagong Asian App. Ltd.,  Mohora Asian App. Ltd.,  DAF Knitwears Ltd.,  Zakmars Fashion Ltd., Miles Fashion Ltd.,  Deluxe Fashion Ltd., Clifton Textile & App. Ltd.

Dragoni Fashion Ltd., Dips App. Ltd., Raozan Sweater Ltd., Meher Garments Ltd., Saad Musa Fab. Ltd. Unit-3., Clear Tex Ind. Ltd.

Independent App. Ltd., Rhythm Fashion Ltd., Loyal App. Ltd., Gartex Garments Ltd., Goldmart Apparels Ltd.

Precious App. Ltd., Legacy Fashion Ltd., Anowara Fashion Ltd., Desh Garments Ltd., Men’s Fashion Ltd., Siams Superior Ltd.

Gous Garments Ltd., B.S.A Fashion Ltd., Vanguard Dresses Ltd., Charm Fashion Ltd., Badgetex App. Ltd., B.S.A App. Ltd., Four H App. Ltd., Four H Lingerie Ltd., Four H Fashion Ltd., Belamy Textile Ltd., Frank App. Ltd., Anowara Dresse Makers Ltd., Vanguard Garments Ltd.

NHT Fashion Ltd., Universal Jeans Ltd., Jeans 2000 Ltd., Pacific Jeans Ltd., APT International Ltd., Lemond Fashion Ltd., Harrods Garments Ltd., Dress Shirts Ltd.


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