Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Niagara Textile Ltd.

Niagara Textile Ltd.

Company Information

Company affiliated to: BKMEA

Address: Niagara Textile Ltd. Chandra Curcal, Atabaha, Kaliakoir,Gazipur

Number of employees: 3985 (1649 women, 2336 men)

Number of industrial plants: 1

Main products: Knit

Training details


Duration: 4.5 hours

Thematic areas: Fire safety ,Electricity, Ergonomics, First Aid & PPEs

Training venue:in-house

Number of participants: 20 (17 men, 3 Women)

Trainers: Mr. Mitu Basak Sr. Asst. Deputy Secretary (Complain) and S.M. Rudro Rahman Sr. Asst. Secretary (Safety)

Focal point at company level: Muhammad Sowkot Hossain Khan, Mobile: +8801552630336, Email: sowkot@niagaratex.com

List of actions and proposals to improve OSH conditions - as emerged at the end of the training:


Progress and improvements

List of improvements actions realized:

Strategy for replication effects:



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