Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Our Partners

The Programme for Employers’ Activities is working hand in hand with employer organisations.

Employers’ Training Committee

The Programme for Employers’ Activities' work is guided by the Employers’ Training Committee (ETC), which brings together representatives of employer organisations from all regions of the world. The ETC represents the Employers’ Group on the Governing Body of the ILO.

The ETC meets annually to discuss strategic plans, review activities and set out areas for future development.

ETC's strategy is then translated into activities and training programmes.

Strategic partnerships with the employers' community

Training plans and activities are developped and implemented in cooperation with the Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP) of the ILO based in Geneva and the ACT/EMP regional offices in 13 countries.

We also collaborate closely with the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and its 150 member organisations in 143 countries.

We work on a very regular basis with other like-minded organizations such as the:


The support of our donors enables us to continue our work. We are working with following several donors:

  • the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • the European Union
  • The Walt Disney Company


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