Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

EU Social Partners Gender Equality Toolkit

A Gender Equality Toolkit was finalized by European Social Partners (BUSINESSEUROPE, CEEP and UEAPME on the employers' side; ETUC for the trade unions) in 2014. The Gender Equality Toolkit is a follow-up action to the 2005 Framework of Actions on Gender Equality signed by the EU Social Partners identifying 4 priorities of work:

  1. Adressing Gender Roles
  2. Promoting Women in decision-making
  3. Supporting work-life balance
  4. Tackling the gender pay gap


Based on the same themes, the objective of the toolkit is to provide knowledge and understanding of successful initiatives initiated by national trade union and business associations in the European Union. 100 good practices have been collected and made available through a database. The toolkit is meant to inspire and serve as a catalyst for the design, negotiation and dissemination of effective measures in different enterprises and working environments.

A brochure, the database of the 100 good practices, and illustration videos are available on the Gender Equality Toolkit website.


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