Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Fiji Employers help women entrepreneurs develop their strategic plan

In 2012, the Fiji Employers’ Organization (FCEF) launched the Women Entrepreneurs and Business Council (WEBC). Since then, Fiji Employers embarked in a large project to help WEBC develop its capacity. Many activities have been jointly organized in 2014 among which the drafting and adoption of a strategic plan including the definition of a vision for the association as well as a plan for future activities. A survey had been conducted beforehand in order to identify women entrepreneurs needs (many of which operate in the informal sector) and to feed the definition of lobbying priorities.  In parallel, membership reach out programs have been developed in order to consolidate the women entrepreneurs’ association representativeness. These reach out programs included innovative solutions such as a series of “business tips” sent by SMS from the association to women entrepreneurs at a minimal cost thanks to an agreement with the local telecom operator. This secured positive publicity for the association and helped in concrete terms the increase in membership.

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  • a PowerPoint presentation on the Good Practice as presented during a Conference organized in November 2014 by the ITCILO: English version and French version
  • the organization's website: FCEF

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