Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Launch of AWEN the Asian Women Entrepreneurs Network

In 2007, the idea of establishing an ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs’ Network was announced during an ASEAN Committee on Women Meeting. The Asian Women Entrepreneurs Network (AWEN) was finally launched in April 2014 and its chairmanship entrusted to the Vietnamese Women Chamber (VWEC).

In a context of increased economic cooperation between ASEAN member states, the purpose of AWEN is to facilitate the sharing of information, knowledge and experience between women entrepreneurs associations. The goal is to assist women entrepreneurs to start their businesses, to improve their business management and skills as well as to access financial institutions,  market and business opportunities. AWEN also looks for partnership with other women entrepreneurs or international organizations such as OECD.

AWEM aims to organize the 1st Regional Women Entrepreneurs Forum in March 2015.

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