Jobs for Peace and Resilience Training Programme

Jobs for Peace and Resilience Training Programme

Contributing to peace building, national reconciliation and social cohesion through employment generation and decent work opportunities for women and men in conflict-affected and disaster prone countries.

The current global context is one in which the international community faces an era of unprecedented multiplicity and complexity of crises. These include natural disasters, climate change, rapid environmental degradation, pandemics,armed conflict and intensification of violence, forced displacement, irregular migration, trafficking in persons, radicalization, and terrorism:

In a context of growing complexity, the mission of the JPR Programme is to strengthen the capacity of governments, social partners and other stakeholders to design and implement strategies for promoting peace, preventing crises, enabling recovery and building resilience. The Programme contributes to the achievement of Goals 8 (Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all) and 16 (Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development) of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. 

Guided by the ILO’s Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience Recommendation (No. 205), the JPR programme runs training, knowledge-sharing and other learning activities for the purposes of prevention, recovery, peace and resilience in relation to crises arising from conflicts and disasters.

 The JPR Programme pays special attention to disadvantaged groups, with the focus on forcibly displaced persons (including refugees and returnees) and young men and women driven by poverty to go in search of work.

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On this compact, functional campus, people come from all over the world to live and learn together in a stimulating international environment.
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