Social Protection, Governance and Tripartism

Social Protection, Governance and Tripartism

The Programme covers the following areas of expertise

Labour administration and labour inspection

Governments across the globe recognize that in a globalized world, labour administration institutions play a key role in designing and implementing economic and social policies

Labour migration

Labour migration affects most countries in the world, and migrant workers contribute greatly to development, both in countries of origin and countries of destination.

Occupational safety and health, and working conditions

I n coordination with the purpose and the objectives of the ILO, ITCILO aims to strengthen the competent institutions, social partners and relevant stakeholders in creating and maintaining safe and healthy workplaces.

Social dialogue, tripartism and labour law

Social dialogue is defined by the ILO to include all types of negotiation, consultation or simply exchange of information between, or among, representatives of governments, employers and workers, on issues of common interest relating to economic and social policy. It can exist as a tripartite process, with the government as an official party to the dialogue or it may consist of bipartite relations only between labour and management (or trade unions and employers’ organizations), with or without indirect government involvement.

Social protection

Universal social protection is essential for realizing the human right to social security for all, advancing social justice and promoting inclusive growth, and accelerating progress towards achieving the globally agreed 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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