The Turin Centre continuously seeks to diversify and improve its training portfolio.

A number of training curricula have been re-designed and re-packaged with a view to offering more attractive and visible learning events that will become recognized benchmarks of excellence.

The Centre’s academies are learning events which bring together different topics in a particular field and offer participants a choice of individual learning paths among options that vary by subject and language.

Academy on the transition to the formal economy

The academy aims to enhance the capacity to formulate, implement and/or evaluate formalization policies through effective diagnostic analysis, better understanding of concepts and approaches for measuring informality, and its drivers and impacts on the world of work. Read More

12 noviembre 2018 - 23 noviembre 2018

English - French

Turin Centre

Enrolment deadline: 15 octubre 2018

Academy on Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations

The Academy on Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations will provide a unique opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends and developments concerning tripartite social dialogue mechanisms, collective bargaining and dispute resolution systems. Read More

26 noviembre 2018 - 07 diciembre 2018

English - French

Turin Centre

Enrolment deadline: 22 noviembre 2018

Global Workers' Academy on the Future of Work: Organizing and Collective Bargaining

The accelerated pace of change in globalization, technology, demographics and climate change has led to rapid transformations in the world of work and has been accompanied by high levels of uncertainty, fear and insecurity. Read More

26 noviembre 2018 - 30 noviembre 2018

English - French - Spanish

Turin Centre


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Enrolment deadline: 26 noviembre 2018

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