Customized learning to meet your specific needs

With a 40-year track record as a global training and learning-service provider covering all aspects of the world of work, and on the basis of our belief that one size does NOT fit all, we have recently designed a new solution to supplement our off-the-shelf training offer.

We have conceived a new integrated, comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to delivering training using ‘Pack Programmes’, which cover all aspects of a specific sector of interest.

 Pack Programmes consist of several building blocks or components, each comprising a series of training modules.

 Each Pack Program provides guidance on alternative learning paths and allows for flexible “clustering” to meet specific geographic, cultural and socio-economic diversities and needs.

Users can take the whole package as a complete learning path. Alternatively, they can customize their programme by choosing single components, consisting of four or five recommended learning modules, or selecting individual modules from the different blocks.

Since the separation between work, life and learning is becoming blurred, training can be undertaken when and where needed. Implementation can be based on a variety of methods, from traditional face-to-face training, preceded and followed by e-learning, to webinars and mobile learning.

The approach is an attempt to cater to different requirements in a very flexible way, and ensure that learning paths can be customized to meet organizations’ and learners’ needs.

 The result is more active engagement on the part of trainees and greater impact on the organizations concerned.

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