To whom is the Pack Programme addressed?


The Capacity-Building Pack Programme is designed for the immediate benefit of national ILO constituents:

  • Ministries of Labour;
  • National and sectoral workers’ organizations;
  • National and sectoral employers’ organizations;
  • Workers in the RMG sector.

More specifically, the training modules are tailored for:  

  • Labour inspectors;
  • Senior officials and advisers from government institutions in charge of the planning, implementation and management of labour inspection and OSH at the national level;
  • Workers’ and employers’ representatives involved in the policy-making process on labour inspection and OSH at the national level;
  • Members and staff of national tripartite bodies and other social dialogue institutions;Personnel from institutions involved in promoting social dialogue (including academic research institutions and non-governmental organizations);Community leaders, civil society and other stakeholders.


A wide range of stakeholders in the global supply chain of the ready-made garment industry have an important role to play in the process of change and must be included in the capacity-development programme. These include international brands and retailers, which have a direct role in improving working conditions.


To address their specific needs, modules can be designed to supplement the clusters referred to above, with the aim of improving compliance with international labour standards and national laws and promoting competitiveness in global supply chains by enhancing enterprise-level economic and social performance as a basis for building socially responsible export strategies.

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