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‘A Ready-Made Garment industry that is safe and compliant’

Building on its unique multi-disciplinary expertise, the ITCILO has developed a comprehensive capacity-building programme to support governments and other national stakeholders in improving working conditions and rights at work in the RMG industry. The programme proposes an integrated approach, based on the decent work dimensions and encompassing interventions at the macro, meso, micro and meta levels, which includes legislation, policies, systems, structures, institutions, factories and individuals.

Integrated means that better working conditions cannot be achieved without a better legislative environment and upgraded labour inspection services. It means that fundamental enhancements of safety, labour inspection and compliance must be matched by similar improvements in workers’ rights. It means helping workers and their representatives to exercise their rights and improve labour/management cooperation at the enterprise level. It involves the creation of an enabling environment for harmonious industrial relations and sound social dialogue, and an increased capacity for cooperation, collective bargaining and negotiation, particularly at workplace level. Going beyond labour inspection, it means fostering a culture of compliance in order to improve working conditions and occupational safety and health, and reinforcing the skills of workers, supervisors and managers.

The ITCILO provides the most complete, modular and flexible capacity-building package for the RMG sector, with great potential for customization.

Based on a modular approach, the ITCILO’s ‘Pack Programme’ is structured around four complementary components: i) Promotion of fundamental principles and rights at work; ii) Strengthening social dialogue; iii) Re-engineering labour inspection; and iv) Enhancing health and safety systems. The Pack Programme also offers scope for the inclusion of further themes/topics and competencies, in order to respond to the specific and diversified training needs of the RMG sector.

Each of the four components (clusters) includes four or five recommended training modules, forming a complete learning track.

The Pack Programme is flexible and offers different options for packaging the training to meet the priority needs of a country / institution and the beneficiary group(s) targeted. The training can be tailored for tripartite or bipartite audiences, or for one specific target group.

Modules can be bundled into one large comprehensive training programme or drawn more selectively from one or more of the four components. Training modules can also be offered as stand-alone single events to meet specific needs and requirements. 

In recognition of the fact that the majority of garment workers are women, special emphasis is placed on mainstreaming gender equality throughout the programme, with special capacity-building actions targeted at women at the association and enterprise levels.

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Promoting fundamental principles and rights at work Strengthening social dialogue Re-engineering labour inspection Enhancing health and safety system

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