Promoting fundamental principles and rights at work

International Labour Standards (ILS) cover a wide range of subjects in the world of work: freedom of association; collective bargaining; forced labour; child labour; equality of opportunity and treatment; tripartite consultation; labour administration and inspection; employment policy and promotion; vocational guidance and training; employment security; wages; working time; occupational safety and health; social security; maternity protection; migrant workers.

ILS are addressed to governments and the implications for companies, from a conceptual and practical point of view, are not always clear. This can lead to confusion, lack of coherence and misunderstandings when companies are confronted with specific situations. The principles contained in international labour standards (ILS) have also become the essential reference point in addressing labour issues in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Based on the ILO’s accumulated experience of the application of ILS principles to government and company operations, and of international trends and company case studies, this component aims to strengthen national capacity to follow ILS procedures in the RMG sector and provides participants with an opportunity to discuss and debate some of the more complex issues governments and companies face when putting principles into practice, such as:

  • what to do when national law is not consistent with ILS;
  • understanding the key principles of ILS and other relevant ILO tools, and how they relate to company operations;
  • having a more nuanced understanding of the strengths and limitations of current practice in addressing labour-related due diligence;
  • monitoring and reporting, and getting a sense of how company practice is changing in response;
  • gaining confidence in addressing challenges in implementing these principles in company operations;
  • being better equipped to engage with colleagues, business partners, trade unions, NGOs and the government on the most effective ways to respect labour-related human rights in business operations.

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