Re-engineering labour inspection

Labour Inspection - In recent years, ILO member States and the social partners have increasingly sought ILO’s support in seeking to strengthen their national labour inspection systems. In particular, the ILO has helped government and companies develop their capacity to improve workplace compliance with national labour laws and regulations, international labour standards and applicable collective agreements. This work involves enhancing employer and worker cooperation in matters of compliance; strengthening the preventive and enforcement functions of labour inspection; providing capacity-building to government inspection and enforcement institutions and to social partners; and assisting in the design of labour legislation and effective dispute-resolution mechanisms.

This component focuses on building the fundamentals of labour inspection. Selected technical subject matter relevant to the RMG sector is specifically covered. The training will provide participants with a unique opportunity to gain new insights, share experiences and reflect on key issues, trends and challenges relating to workplace compliance through labour inspection, in particular:

  • the main characteristics of labour inspection as defined by ILO Convention 81;
  • fundamental principles and rights at work;
  • compliance strategies;
  • the main issues concerning working conditions in the garment sector;
  • key factors to take into consideration in the preparation, conduct and follow-up of an inspection visit;
  • appropriate tools for labour inspection activities;
  • investigation of workplace accidents;
  • soft skills for the inspection visit.

The participants will acquire knowledge and tools for:

  • Identifying the main issues relating to workplace compliance;
  • Strengthening the capacity of the Labour Inspectorate to promote compliance with national labour law;
  • Understanding the role of labour inspection and the different functions carried out by labour inspectors;
  • Mainstreaming gender equality through labour inspection;
  • Drawing upon good practices to enhance workplace compliance.

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